Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Cat on the Hat

What a strange day I had yesterday. It was completely wierd, I just can't explain it.
I impulsively bought this cat badge from a hand-made market in Darwin in late 1996.
In 1996 when I was insane, I went to a hand-made market fair that in my delusion I thought was the "real" psychic expo, not the other one that was on in town on the same day. I impulsively bought this badge that I saw. My memory of the day was so strange, it was as if people recognised me, like I was like famous or something! Bwhuahuaahua, so hilarious.
"True Love is not self-destructive"
Anyway, at one point I wrote a fevered message on the back of it. But this message was very clear. It simply says "True Love is not self- destructive". I've kept it handy, this badge, I don't know why. I put it on my hat today. Lol what a Crazy Girl in a Crazy World, am I.

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