Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adventures in Movie Making

One thing I have been up to over the last few weeks is to start fooling around with movie making software  so I can download some little videos to youtube! I feel terribly productive learning a new skill and having something to show for it in such a short time.

Windows Movie Maker was the first software I tried, and I found it very easy. I posted about the first video I made in Yulara and her horse, Whiteowl. It was heaps fun and very simple to make, that 5 minute video took me less than a day to do, including the time it took to work out how to use the software. But the downloading didn't work until I split it into half and downloaded it as two separate videos.

The second little video I've completed and downloaded to our Bloodlust of Nagrand page on youtube is called "One Dozen Wipes" and is only 1 minute long to avoid the troubles of  my first video. I'm not sure if the quality is actually any better, if it is it's only minimal. The intro has "welcome to Bloodlust of Nagrand" spoken by our co-guild leader, who is some guy we've been playing this game with for three years yet we don't even know his real name, which I think is pretty lame! All I know is he makes a great guild leader, so what if he doesn't want to tell us his real name? Virtual reality is like that, I suppose.

getsome says

These videos use footage from us playing World of Warcraft, but yesterday my new video camera arrived! Soon I'll be buying a data card for it and working out how to use it so I can make little movies using RL footage! FTW! lolzzz

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