Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lavendar-edged Facewashers

Oh no! I did say "Somebody Stop me!" Here is another pair of crochet-edged facewashers, this time I edged the white ones in lavendar coloured cotton. Because why? Because I am bored! Yay for frilliness!
lavendar-edged facewashers
I just copied this pattern by looking at an edged face washer David's mother did.

round 1. using 1.5mm hook (slp st, ch 1) slp st
round 2. using 2.5mm hook (sc ch 1 sk ch sp) slp st
round 3. using 2.5mm hook (sk 1 ch sp, 5 dc, sk 1 ch sp, sc), at each corner 8 dc in corner ch sp

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