Monday, August 23, 2010

Green Fluffy-top Baby Socks

I found this pattern for baby socks, and they turned out so cute I've memorised the pattern so I can make more!

The pattern for these baby socks is at, all you have to do is register at the website to login and you can download free patterns. So far, I haven't received any spam and I haven't paid anything. For these kinds of things I just give an incomplete mailing address, just in case. The pattern for the socks is in the 'For baby' section. For these ones, I used 4ply baby wool with a 3mm hook.

One thing I think could be better about this pattern is the start of each round should be on the sole of the foot, not the top. For my second pair of socks, I'm going to turn the heel around so the rounds start underneath, not on top. That way you won't see the seam.

Other than that, this is a worthwhile pattern for me to memorise I am thinking! It took me about a couple of hours to make the pair. I topped them off with an extra row of dc (US sc) in a cheap fluffy craft wool, so I think they look extra cute!


  1. Lovely new socks, and selection of tiny clothes on your site here. Well done.
    Hugs - Jan

  2. These are so cute! You are such a great artist at crochet.

  3. Hi Teena, I'm really enjoying your blog, it has a beautiful feel to it. I have only just started dropping in. The crochet work you have done is gorgeous, you are very talented. Stay happy and healthy, love from Ronda in Melbourne xx


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