Saturday, August 28, 2010

Purple Fluffy-top Baby Socks

These are the same as my green fluffy-top socks, except I altered the pattern slightly so the seam is at the sole instead of the top of the sock where it can be seen.

Using the purple big baby wool I got from Lincraft when it was on special, making these cute baby socks were a lot of fun. I changed the heel so I started the rounds in the centre of the heel at the sole instead of the centre of the front. There are only 7 rows that are turned around, the rest of the pattern is the same as before. I used a different fluffy top for these ones, this is some flutter wool with flecks of yellow, pink and purple.

There are two variations of ankles in the pattern, for this one I used the cluster. I thought I had memorised this cluster pattern  and was AFK in front of the TV when I did the first purple sock and I totally screwed it up! After I did the second sock (after re-reading the pattern) I realised my mistake and undid the first ankle and did it again. I'm glad I did, now the two purple socks actually match ...

Now I have some more cute things to add to my growing pile of baby stuff!!
<3 <3


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