Thursday, August 19, 2010

Small Aqua Doily

This was going to be a drink coaster, but I wasn't quite happy with it and it's now a doily on David's bedside table! The pattern for this doily came from a book I got from a second hand store at Toowong for $11. This pattern is on page 56 and the book is called 'Beautiful Lace', published by Nihon Vogue in 1982. When I finished it, it was very wonky, so I gently ironed it and it came out ok. I do want to have another go at making cotton coasters, or I might end up making some out of plarn.

Today, I was very naughty and bought some new baby wool! I know I should use up the wool I have first. I already have some baby wool in lilac, white, pink and a greeny orange variation. But I was very keen to get some stronger shades of purple and some green to match so checked out Lincraft today as some of the nicer baby wool is on special. It's very naughty of me, but I got some expensive pure Australian wool machine washable baby yarn in bright shades of green, blue and orange.  I was after some brighter colours in really nice baby wool so I can make a colourful and cheery jacket, hat and bootie set, I can't wait to start on that one!

I also bought some cheaper 100g balls of purple and green which I might make a baby rug with, and some alpaca to make another pair of fingerless gloves for David as he has asked for some.

At the rate I'm going, I don't think I shall ever use up all my wool!!!

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  1. I love reminds me of a cheerful and enchanting!! Lovely!


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