Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Colourful Baby Beanies with picot edges

I made the pattern up for these beanies, because I felt like making something cute and quick!

The pattern is based loosely on the Lincraft one I used for the other beanies I've made, but this time I left a space after every increase. I prefer to do this now, so I don't have to count when to increase. Either leaving a space like in these beanies, or a ridge with a post stitch, takes away the need to count every single stitch, this way making them is more fun.

These beanies are shorter than the other beanies I've made, as I skipped the last three rows that would have gotten turned up. Then, for a flourish, I added a row of simple picot to make it pretty. And I don't think these are too pretty for a boy, although I just couldn't help myself but to make a pink one! I guess I might meet someone with a girl who might like it, or I can donate it to the hospital. All the colours except the pink one are pure Australian merino wool which I bought from Lincraft. The pink wool is some really soft, silky yarn my mum gave me ages ago and we're not sure what the blend is as it doesn't have any labels. Each beanie takes about an hour or so to make, and I used 4mm or 4.5mm hooks.

I really should stop making these beanies, in case they don't fit a real baby, I'll never really know for sure until I have a baby to fit one on! That's why I've made these in slightly different sizes, hopefully one will get worn!


  1. HI dazzling treasures...These are so beautiful..all your creations are are super talented! they are such beauties...! thanks for your lovely visit and appreciated!
    Wishign you a happy wkd and beautiful week ahead!

  2. Really cute beanies, and all your crochet looks so perfect.
    I'm sure if your bub does not wear them, they will be put to good use somewhere.
    Thanks for your visit and comments on my page.

  3. the art of crochet is a mystery to me - these are SO cute! thanks for stopping by my page! -diane


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