Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two Homemade Baby Wraps

These two wraps are about a metre square each and have a cotton print side and a flannelette backing. Hopefully these will come in handy very soon!

All these fabrics I bought from Lincraft and are about a metre square each. David and I just couldn't go past the cute purple sheep flannelette! Most of these fabrics I didn't buy on special, so now I'm wondering if it's worth making myself, or if it would actually be cheaper to buy pre-made wraps from the shops. That's why I've only made two like this, so I can wait and see if I actually use them.

Thomas is still a few weeks away from coming home, so we'll be able to see then. David are I are so very excited about how well Tom is growing and putting on weight, we just can't wait until he finally comes home. I hope we will be ready for him in time!

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