Sunday, January 2, 2011

Summer Drinks "Plums" Coasters

I know Freya likes purple so I went to Lincraft to get some of their 'plum' coloured cotton so I could whip up another set of drink coasters!

I've tried to match the colours as much as I could to the person, but I don't know everyone's favourite colours. At least this purply-plumy set will be able to find a good home!

I also made some home-made gift tags to go with the coasters. They simply say 'Homemade by Teena with love' and have this blog address on the back, in case anyone wants to find out how I made them and the washing instructions. Washing instructions are on the Frangipani post.

I know Christmas has been and gone, but I was in hospital for the two weeks before and during Christmas, so I assume I will be forgiven for being late!

Enjoy <3 <3 <3

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