Friday, January 7, 2011

Pentagon Dishcloths

I feel a need to keep my hands busy right now, I'm not sure but this might be the 'nesting' kicking in. It's hard when I'm not 100% physically, so I've resorted to making dishcloths while I wait for my body to catch up!

<<< I did up this pentagon dishcloth quickly, using a 4mm hook and my own pattern from the top of my head. This dishcloth got put to work immediately in the kitchen after it had it's obligatory photograph taken! This dishcloth has 4 rows of granny clusters then 3 rows of trebles (US dc).

>>> Recently I did these pair of pentagon dishcloths, using the same pattern as my 1st one except I skipped the picot edge. The second pair has 7 rows of granny clusters and 2 rows of trebles. For these I used a 3mm hook and some finer cotton my mum gave me. I like the colours, I think they are perfect for a cheery kitchen!

1 comment:

  1. I love the crocheted dish cloths, I wish I had the patience to make such lovely things.


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