Thursday, May 5, 2011

Green Dress for a Doll

I thought I'd make a post today as I haven't written for a while. It's been challenging to do everyday things and feel normal again. Even though Thomas is being a perfect baby it's still hard, I wonder how we would cope if he wasn't!

I recently made this green cotton dress for a doll on an impulse. No reason really, just felt like finishing something quick. I have several projects on the go at the moment, and they are all rugs so are taking me a while to finish. For this dress I used a 3mm hook and some light green cotton that took my fancy. The doll is one of three I got in a bag for $2. I haven't restored her hair because it's too much of a big job, but she needed a dress all the same.

Another thing I did today to feel more 'normal' was to paint my toenails bright pink while I sat on the deck and worked on my vitamin D deficiency. When I was an early childhood teacher in Darwin, I wore open toed sandals so painted my toenails bright colours like green or pink and topped them off with some glitter. The children sitting at my feet would notice, it was all a bit of fun and seems like a life time ago. It seems like another life completely, but remembering nice things like that helps me feel more 'real'.


  1. I have been crocheting dishcloths and bathcloths with cotton thread-love that stuff.Sometimes it is the small things we do for ourselves that make a big difference isn't it.

  2. Oh hey so here is your Rayla the cloud Queen doll - she's very lucky to get a pretty new dress :)

  3. Its not quite as nice as the one she should be wearing, as I find out now. I'm going to attempt to make a reproduction - crochet of course! lol


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