Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rose's Rocking Chair

It was pure chance that I came to meet this special rocking chair, which Rose has kindly lent to us for a couple of months.

I was pushing Thomas in the pram past Rose's unit when she called out to me as it had been a month or so since she had seen Thomas. I asked if she wanted to hold him, and as it was especially windy that day, she invited me inside. While we were chatting this rocking chair caught my eye and I exclaimed 'Oh! you have a rocking chair, where did you get it? We've been looking to buy one.'

The chair is 34 years old and had been used when Rose's daughter Halley was a baby, and Halley had recently returned it after using it for a few months for her 8 month old son Harry. Rose offered to lend it to us while Thomas is little, but I said I was afraid to break it as it's so special. But Rose insisted it was alright, saying it was a cheap old chair that doesn't get used much, but I think this chair is very special. I've been using David's computer chair to rock Thomas to sleep but it's just awful, developing a horrible high pitched squeak as it's just not meant to be rocked.

It was a special set of circumstances that found me inside Rose's house and the recipient of such a generous loan. I've been asking David since before Thomas was born to help find a rocking chair, we found some on ebay but they weren't right.  But I was really worrying about breaking the rocking chair though, and after I imagined some worst case scenarios in my head, I was then able to tell myself 'the amount of useful worry is now done'. No good can come from worrying more, there is a limit to the amount of useful worry. It was a moment like an epiphany that went off in my head and I was finally able to stop the worry. That was new. And all because of a rocking chair and a windy day.

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