Monday, April 22, 2013

Fawn & Sky Bunny Rug

I've been meaning to do a bunny rug using these yarns for a while, but it was something that kept getting postponed. Then a few weeks ago in a flurry of activity I did most of it in one very long day!
making this fawn and sky bunny rug was very relaxing
The fawn and sky blue colour combination is an interesting one, but quite lovely I think, I matched them because they were both 8 ply pure new wool and I had a lot of it. I have even more of the fawn colour left so have already started on another rug to use it up. It will be a swirling circular rug like this one. This fawn and sky bunny rug is currently for sale in my online store at
my round rugs have swirling chain spaces to mark the increases
I wasn't as happy with how I started the rounds on this one, as it shows slightly even after blocking. And blocking a large rug like this is quite tricky to get it symmetrical while damp. Photographing it was also tricky, and I spent a whole day on that. After a frustrating day I posted on the facebook page for a sellers group on madeit. I got some feedback and advice, which made it worthwhile. I brightened the contrast in a photo shop type app, I think its just called 'paint'. Its simple enough for me to use, anyway!
detail of the center of the circular rug

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