Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pink Fairy Toddler Hat

Here is my toddler sized hat modelled by my cousin's daughter Izabella Rose. I took these photos nearly 2 months ago, this colour way I call "Pink Fairy". The main colour is pink and the contrast trim is purple. The flower I made for this one is one of the daisy-centered Irish Roses. I'm hoping the pattern for these hats will be available soon in my Ravelry store, I'm about to get them tested. If you're interested in testing any of my patterns please join my testers group on Ravelry, its called Rosy Colour Patterns. My testers will receive a copy of the finished pattern you helped test, including a license to sell what you make outside of Australia.
Pink Fairy hat modelled by Izabella Rose

the Pink Fairy hat is pink with purple contrast trim

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