Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sweet Basil and Tumeric

Here's a photo of our veggie patch at the moment, full of turmeric and sweet basil. My father-in-law Brian gave us some sweet basil seedlings so we planted them out around Christmas. Now when it comes to the turmeric, we have a lot of it on our hands. It grows so well in our climate, each year we've planted it produces more than the year before. This lot we had in our pantry and in the cool darkness they had all began to sprout. We could ask ourselves what will we do with all this turmeric? We grow more than we could use, but the little buds wanted to grow so we planted all of them out into the veggie patch with the basil. It looks like there was a little ginger in the mix as well, we'll know for sure when it flowers.
sweet basil and turmeric planted out into the veggie patch

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