Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Geisha Girl Golden Dewdrop

Here is a photo of the Geisha Girl Golden Dewdrops that we are allowing to flower. I first shared about this golden dewdrop plant in May 2013, we were considering removing it despite it being a very handsome plant. But we have kept this one pruned so it doesn't fruit and now Tom is older the chances of him eating the poisonous orange fruits is pretty slim, so we are keeping this one.

we've decided to keep the Geisha Girl golden dewdrop in our backyard
But twice now we've had to get a plumber out to clear our pipes for tree roots, although we haven't yet been here 2 years. The closest possible culprits are some similar looking plants, they might be golden dewdrops but a different variety to the Geisha Girl. These ones have thorns, and we had a lot of fun (not) pulling the two trees out.  Hopefully they will stop sending roots down into our plumbing, but we might have to poison them to kill them off properly.

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