Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Small Candle Cosies

Here are four different candle cosies I've made up for the citronella candles I bought for my party table. I thought they might look nice with some crochet cosies! Each one is different and I'll make two the same for the eight that are going on my table. Two are called mesh cosies, and two are called cluster cosies, I've named them for the type of pattern they have. I will post the free patterns very soon. They stretch quite tightly over the candles, so they stay up. These are the little candles which will fit the little tea-light candles inside when the wax runs out.
four different candle cosies, patterns coming soon
I did do another one, a diamond patterned cosy, but it kept slipping down. It didn't stretch tightly enough up the candle to stay up. To get the diamond pattern (ch 4, sk 2, sc into next sc, next round, ch 4, sc into next ch sp etc) then a round of dc at the top. Well, this one didn't quite work out but I don't mind. You've got to have a few failures to go with all the successes.
this one didn't work out so well

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