Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Small Icepack for Tom

During the holidays, my husband and I finally tackled the spare room and cleared it out, making a car load of donations to the local Salvation store of mostly Tom's baby clothes and some toys. I could finally get into my sewing materials again and took the opportunity to make up a small ice-pack for Tom. Its just a small pillow filled with rice. As a little kid, he is always bumping himself and complains quite a lot when it hurts! He prefers to have an ice pack on his sore, rather than a band-aid, so it will be handy to have another smaller one on hand for him to use. I was pleasantly surprised to find my old sewing machine still works, and I still remember how to get it to run! Its such a great machine! I still love it, I will have to think up some new projects to make with it now its out of the cupboard!
a small rice-filled pillow to use as an ice pack

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