Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Guild is 8 years old today!

As I've mentioned before, I tend to play World of Warcraft every now and then, and have done so on and off for 10 years. When I'm not blogging or crafting you can rightly guess that's where I am, in the virtual world created by Blizzard Entertainment. A few months ago a new expansion launched and we were all very excited to get into the game and check it out.
Geminda, healer and guild leader of 8 year old guild Bloodlust of Nagrand
Well, after finally getting to the end game I've found I just don't enjoy it. I levelled up my character and got into the dungeons, and just didn't love it like I used to. I used to love healing, I got a real buzz out of keeping my fellow gamer's characters alive. And as a healer, its great to be needed without being the one, the tank, who leads the foray into the instance. But I found the healing this time around to be too stressful, so I decided to level up my hunter as that is easier. But still on my hunter as a damage dealer, I just don't enjoy the end game, although it was slightly better than on my healer. And so I'm not sure what will happen to my old guild which turns 8 years old today, which is sooo old! The players in the guild seem content to do their own thing, and there is no pressure for me to lead raids, which are larger scale adventures into dungeons.

So instead of raiding, some of us have been working on an achievement called 'Stay Classy' that will award the guild some more space in the guild bank vault. Which would be fun, as I'm finding I enjoy sorting the guild vault now. In fact that's all I've been doing lately, logging in to check the guild vault and move donated items to where others have access, or to sell what we don't need. I levelled up a goblin death knight for the achievement, now there are only a handful of characters to level before our guild has levelled every class of every race in the game, for the horde side that is.

So that's where I've been for the last few months of 2014, plugging away at my virtual characters in World of Warcraft. I may choose to level up a new character just for the fun of it, but who knows? We shall see ...

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