Friday, February 6, 2015

Triangle Bunting in Progress

I don't remember why I started this project, I just thought it might be nice to put up some bunting at our next party. I wanted to use the colours I had, so made a few triangles using the free pattern I've posted about before. When I made four triangles in these colours, I realised if I only had two more colours I would have a rainbow! So I have finally ordered some more yarn in teal and purple to complete the rainbow. I haven't bought yarn since Nov 2013 so it should be ok! I have soooo much yarn in my stash there is more than I could use in a life time I reckon, so buying new yarn is a bit of a luxury!

the triangle for this bunting is on this blog as a free pattern
I've started bordering the triangles in white, I will be joining them together in white also. I'm just doing a row of sc, for the corner its (2 sc ch 1 2 sc). Hopefully the finally product will look good, I think it should look ok, and I will post about it soon. Well soon after the cotton arrives from Bendigo!

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