Saturday, July 11, 2015

Gluten-free Diabetic Friendly Trifle

Well today was my birthday and we had a lovely day, we even made a trifle to celebrate! We made a gluten free sponge cake yesterday, I would use smart sugar, or stevia sugar, to make this diabetic friendly. We made half the sponge cake from this recipe of a prize winning gluten-free sponge cake. One sponge cut up is enough to cover the bottom of my trifle bowl. Then I used a low-joule jelly, one packet made about 700ml of jelly and that was enough to go on top of the cake. Then I used a tin of Australian peaches, next time I will use two. Then 3 cups of custard made with lactose free milk and a little more smart sugar, or stevia sugar. Next time, I think I will make 4 cups of custard. I finished off with strawberries and Australian blueberries, which made the final result quite pretty, if I do say so myself! Thomas had fun helping put the trifle together, it's quite straight forward and he couldn't wait to taste it!
this trifle is gluten-free, lactose-free and diabetic friendly

assembling a trifle is a fun activity for a young cook

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