Monday, May 3, 2010

Sushi on a Sunday

I love sushi and David has learned how to make it quite well! For lunch, we make 3 rolls with a simple filling of tuna and carrots. Because we have run out of wasabi, we used our very own home-made Awesome Sauce and some mayonnaise. We did try and make our own mayonnaise once, but that was epic fail so we'll have to try that again another day! I'm David's kitchen hand, preparing the carrots, tuna, other ingredients and equipment, he prepares the rice with the sushi vinegar as I'm much more likely to screw that bit up!

David gets creative for the camera by making a pattern with the filling for one of the sushi rolls! He also has developed a deft hand for the trick of rolling the perfect sushi roll /nomnomnom


  1. That looks very delicious and very healthy! We are trying to work out what to do for lunch here...I am thinking Japanese might be perfect after seeing this yummy post!

    Happy labour day!

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi, Teena,
    Looks delicious, and I must say David does a great job of rolling it to a perfect roll. I hope you have a lovely week full of sunshine and laughter, my friend. Love and blessings~ Vicki


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