Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two Hats for Babies

How did this happen? I do not know, but somehow I have managed to crochet, not one but two hats for babies, how absurd!

I've been trying to make beanies for children for the last two days, thinking maybe my brother's children might need some for the coming winter, but have just been getting the sizes all wrong because I am not following a pattern. I discovered a size chart for beanies yesterday which has helped a great deal.

I have completed just 3 beanies in my life before learning how to read crochet patterns, making them to fit the person who was to wear them. One of them is the blue beanie I made for David last winter, I also made a loose fitting white one for myself to wear on holiday to Tasmania in 2004, the 3rd I made BD (before David) so we don't talk about that. The only beanie pattern I have actually read and followed was on Rachel's Crochet Spot, but I didn't actually finish the beanie! Instead it ended up as a flower in my day of crochet trials.

Now, in the last two days, I have made four more beanies with the wool I bought from Lincraft, including these two that are baby sized! (For these I used a 4mm hook and Lincraft DK yarn in Autumn and Turquoise mixes). They are just sooo cute, I can't undo them to redo again now, how could I? I particularly like the handy hookloop on the autumn one, and the hyperbolic brim on the aqua one, how sweet! But I don't know anyone who might make use of them, perhaps I will get a doll or a teddy that can wear them?

... lol ;-)


  1. Hi Teena, I just was stopping by for a visit to say "Hi". I love crocheting too, nice job!

  2. hi Teena,
    i love the cute little caps for babies.
    snd i enjoyed reading your blog.

  3. Hmmmm do i think you are wanting kids Teena.... YES

    Well Done



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