Saturday, June 30, 2012

Earbuds Sleeve

I wasn't sure this would work, while I was making it I gave up on it at one point because I was certain the ear phone cord would not curl up with the crochet as neatly as it has.
draft prototype sleeve for ipod earbuds
I started with a long chain, as it turns out this first attempt in blue wasn't long enough. The blue section was long enough to see that the cord would indeed curl up neatly inside the crochet, the purple section was added later. After the start chain, I did 2 rows of dc into that chain. Then I folded it in half length ways and lay the cord along the fold, closed up the tube with a row of sc that joins the top row of dc with the starting chain. Then I did a row of (sc ch sk 1) to thread the drawstring through, which was added at the end.

I've been using this at the gym to see how well it works. When I get the chance I hope to make a little pouch to pop it in. Don't mind the colours too much, this is just a draft!

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