Thursday, June 28, 2012

Toddler's Dark Blue Fingerless Gloves

I quickly made these up today for my 18 month old son to wear during the coldest time of winter, the design is such so they can be easily unravelled to extend when his hands grow bigger.
dark blue extendible fingerless gloves for a toddler
I really like the idea of being able to add extensions to my hand crafted items so they grow with the child. I chose the dark blue luxury wool from Bendigo for this project because I imagine these might get a little dirty. Also, the fingerless gloves I made for myself, and the gloves I made for my husband, are both dark blue, so baby has a matching pair!
For these toddler sized fingerless gloves I simply made a rectangle 20 dc wide (plus starting chain) and 10 rows deep. This way a side seam can be unravelled, making extensions possible, rather than working in rounds which is what I would normally do. I joined 5 rows at the side with sc, sc along one side only for 2 more rows to leave a gap for the thumb, and joined the last 3 rows with sc, finishing with a slip stitch. The starting chain needs to be at the fingertips because its tighter than the rest of the work. I did not sew in the end with a needle like I usually do, but to make extensions possible, its important to simply weave the end in with the hook. This way the seam can be easily unravelled, so the rectangle can be added to in time for next winter when my son will be a year older. To make the gloves mirror image, one glove has the thumb space sc on the back and the other on the front.
These fingerless gloves could be decorated with monster claws. Maybe someone else would like me to make a pair like that for them so I can show what I mean. Because for my son, I'd rather not dress him up like a monster just yet!

And can you see that cut on his lip? I was horrified last week when Thomas slipped in the shower, I got the fright of my life! My husband called the after hours doctor, and they came about an hour later. The lovely doctor glued up my baby's lip, he didn't make a sound but his eyes welled with tears. Thank goodness its starting to get better already, babies heal so quickly.

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