Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rainbow Bunting

I finished this easy, fun project on Thursday night, I've been working on it between other projects. Perhaps my friend will like it and want me to make her one?
Rainbow Bunting
Using a 4mm hook and some brightly coloured cheap acrylic made in China, I started by making the triangles with a starting row of 20 sc. Every 3rd row is a decreasing row, otherwise if you decrease every row the triangle is too stout, and straight on one side if you decrease every 2nd. The dark blue row on top is sc with a row of slip stitch to reinforce it, with loops at each end so its easy to hang. This was fairly simple to make up, although perhaps next time I might do all capital letters as I think the small letters don't look great. I attempted to block these first with a simple wash and pin to a foam board, which didn't work with this acrylic. I finally flattened it with steam blocking.
he doesn't sleep there, but oh well ...
I hope I get a chance to do a matching "Happy Birthday" bunting in time for Tom's birthday in December. For now, I'll hang this rainbow bunting over his cot. Which, mind you, he doesn't sleep in, he just plays with his toys in there while I have a shower ... oh yes, we have the toddler in our big bed. Fun times.

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