Friday, June 8, 2012

Delicate Spiral Bunny Rug in Blue with White

I really like the look of spiral crochet, its a far cry from your simple granny square! In fact I've now decided I don't like the look of granny squares!
detail of spiral centre after blocking
I've been trying spirals since April, and I've learned a few things. Firstly, the multiple balls of yarn can easily get tangled, so you need some system to keep them in order. Also, its not a quick project like other rugs, where you can just pick it up and quickly continue from where you left off. Its takes a few moments to find your place and the yarn you are up to.
spiral bunny rug in progress
Another important lesson I learnt from my earliest attempt at a spiral is that the larger the spiral becomes, the more and more tedious the counting of increases become. So from then on I've decided all my spirals will have a chain space or a cable to indicate the increase. This way you don't have to count stitches. One other thing of course is that this is a project impossible to do while Thomas is around, I have to wait until he is asleep. 
delicate spiral bunny rug in blue with white

For this blue with white spiral bunny rug I've made for a friend, I used a 3.5mm hook and Australian made 4 ply acrylic yarn from Patons in blue, white and a variegated white with flecks of blue in it. Because I used the smaller hook and yarn, it took many hours to complete this almost 80cm diameter rug which weighs about 160 grams.
centre of acrylic spiral before steam blocking
Before blocking, this bunny rug had a buckle in the centre where it didn't sit flat. It might have been because of that first round of 6 sc, because to be flat it should start with 12 dc or 6 sc then a 2nd round of 12 sc. I was nervous about steam blocking it, I was worried I would melt the acrylic yarn. But I put my iron on low synthetic heat and ironed it on the back side. It blocked quite nicely, even after a cool wash it held its new shape.

This is one of the few things I've made for a custom order, its very exciting for me. I'm happy with how it turned out. I want to make more of these in different colours, I'm thinking merino wool will be nicer!

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