Saturday, April 28, 2012

Beginning to Spiral

I've wondered for what seems ages if you could spiral crochet, then months and months ago I saw a spiral on crochet spot. I recently started a spiral bunny rug and am in the process of finalising my own pattern.
my first crochet spiral incomplete
Last week when I was ready to start a spiral I looked on pinterest for some saved images of spirals.  The most useful one I found was at sew ritzy titzy. Pictures of crochet spirals at another site were also helpful, but it was in another language, which is ok for me as I usually just look at the pictures! Still another useful one I found was also in another language.
closeup of crochet spiral
I started one and got quite a way into it when I decided that I should leave a marker in my work at every increase, like a ch 1 sp. This way I wouldn't have to count every stitch, and as the rug gets bigger this becomes more and more tedious.

I have started a 2nd spiral, this time with the ch 1 sp, but I'm not quite happy with it. Yet another W.I.P. to keep practising on!

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