Friday, April 13, 2012

Yoga Mat Carry Sling

It turns out just about all my original ideas have already been thought of by someone else! I needed something to help me carry my yoga mat to the gym I'm thinking of joining. I was so awkward going there for my trial, carrying not only by yoga mat and bag, but a baby to take to the babysitter as well.
yoga mat strap with flower
I saw that some of the other ladies at the gym had straps to tie around their yoga mats so they could carry them. I figured I could crochet something like that, and this is what I came up with. I decorated it with a bright pink flower, I was going to do two flowers, but decided one was plenty! After I started this project, I checked google images to see if anyone else had made these, and they had, but I didn't see any like mine. I was going to call this a strap, but the other ones are called slings.
yoga mat strap flower detail
I used some bright pink and aqua blue yarn my mum gave me. I haven't tested it, but my guess is its acrylic. I then edged the blue with some aqua green acrylic my MIL gave me last weekend. I used a 4mm hook for this, and found some odd buttons to add with yellow cotton my mum gave me.
yoga mat strap button detail
Hopefully this will do the job! I might have to make another one day ...


  1. is there a pattern?

  2. There's no strict pattern, I just made it up to fit my mat. You just do rows of dc long enough so the strap can go around the mat, then turn to do rows of dc that go along the length of the mat, then turn once more to go around the other end of the mat. Choose two buttons that will fit between the dc stitches, you don't need to make button holes. The flower is optional, as is the round of sc in contrasting colour around the entire edge. Its easy! Give it a go, goodluck <3

  3. ps, my strap had 6 stitches in each row, counting the starting chain

  4. did it stretch out at all? I have found when I made bags in the past that they really stretched so I'm trying to decide if I should sew or crochet one..... thoughts?

  5. hi Nicole, the yoga mat strap has stretched a little bit but still holds the mat fine, I still use it and its been 18 months :D


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