Friday, April 6, 2012

Toddler's Blue & White Easter Jacket

This jacket is based on the granny hexagon idea, but the shape is modified by lengthening some of the sides for a better fit. I've made this jacket for my son to wear during Easter when we visit his grandparents in Stanthorpe, which is going to be a lot more colder than it is here now!
toddler's blue & white jacket for Easter
For this jacket, I used a 4mm hook and 8 ply luxury wool from Bendigo Woollen Mill. I used up most of the 200g ball of blue. I haven't put buttons on it yet, I'm going to wait and see if it needs it. It's the same size as a little jacket Thomas wears to bed, so this one might end up being a winter sleeping jacket, we shall see!

My plan is to share this pattern for free on this blog in the near future, but I want to do some more product testing first to see how this jacket wears and if there is anything wrong with it. Watch this space!

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