Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Royal Garden Two Way Tea Cosy

This teapot cosy is a tight fit on my smallest teapot, so I'm looking for a new home for it, as it can't live at my house! I've been planning this tea cosy for months now, its called "Royal Garden".
Using classic wool from Bendigo Mill and a 4mm hook, this type of tea cosy is quick and easy to put together. This is my own design, I hope one day to write down the pattern to share. But basically, its 4 squares joined together, two squares of each colour. You can turn the tea cosy inside out to get a different colour. The inside of this one is purple, the main side is green with blue butterflies and purple flowers.
spout detail of 'Royal Garden' two way tea cosy
I could make teapot cosies in  all sorts of colours, like "Pink Plum" and "Honey Bee". This is the 3rd teapot cosy I've made now, its the same as my "Ladybird & Lady Grey" two way tea cosy. It all started with the "Sunshiney Happy" tea cosy I made for my brother last Christmas Eve. Cup 'o tea, anyone?

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