Thursday, April 5, 2012

Purple Jar Candle Cosy

I must have seen something like this on google images at some point, because the idea came to me when I recently finished a great big jar of coffee. I then found heaps of pictures of these on the internet, even the stitch I chose is very common, because its quite pretty.
large jar candle cosy
I think this large empty coffee jar would make a great gift. We're hoping to make some cookies to go inside, and I'll pop the tea light candle into the lid to wait while the cookies get eaten! I wonder if the person I'm thinking of giving this to will like it? I certainly hope so, otherwise I might keep it for myself!
My first attempt was with a 3mm hook and I just did a circle that didn't end up flat! That's very weird, I should be able to do a simple flat circle by now!  So I looked at a dishcloth pattern I liked and did that, I switched to the 2mm hook and it looked much better. For the sides, I did a (2 dc 1 ch 2 dc) 2 ch pattern, then a drawstring at the top. I did decrease a little at the top too, but I couldn't too much, otherwise the cosy would not go onto the jar. I want the cosy to be removable so it can get washed.


  1. So pretty--you've done a wonderful job! If you've written down the full pattern, would you mind sharing it? I'd love to stitch a few. They would look lovely with a candle in the bottom of the jar!

  2. No sorry, I haven't written down the pattern, it is custom to fit the jar. Just start with a flat circle as wide as the base of your jar, and go up the sides (by no longer increasing the circle) as high as you want. The pattern is (2 ch 2 dc 2 ch 2 dc) repeated, if that makes sense. Lastly, do a couple of rounds of dc and make a drawstring to pull the top tight. Goodluck!

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