Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Best Dressed Glow Worm

I took some time out and whipped up this cute jumper for my son's glow worm comfort toy using two granny squares I made a few weeks ago.
granny square sweater for a glow worm toy
I've been working on a pair of winter boots for Thomas and they're proving to be more difficult than I thought, so this cute little project was a welcome break. I made the two granny squares last week sometime, or the week before, using a mandala pattern I found. I had grouped some 8 ply acrylic together and decided the blues, yellow and red would be a good combination and planned to make some little pillows for Thomas' small lounge chair. But when I finished these two squares I decided I didn't like the red and thought I should have used green instead. So they went into my samples bag and the project was abandoned.

But I realised they would make a great little sweater for this glow worm. Thomas is being so cute lately, carrying the comfort toy around with him, and pressing the button to make it sing to him. I think its really nice to put a personal touch to a special toy my son seems to like so much.

1 comment:

  1. Hi my girlfriend and I love the glow worm jumper. We have a pink glow worm we have dressed up. How many glow worms do you have? We have 9! Do you love them as much as us?


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