Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cherry Tomato Harvest

When we visited Stanthorpe in Easter, amongst our spoils was a large box of cherry tomatoes. We collected the seeds and planted them into two planter boxes, and now we have our 1st harvest!
most of our 1st harvest of potted cherry tomatoes, with plenty more to come
This is most of the first bunch we have harvested, a few were taste testers! They are especially nice on bread sprinkled with cheese and put under the griller. There are heaps of green tomatoes on the bush right now, ripening. And just in time too, because tomatoes are very expensive in the shops right now, the other week they were $10 a kilo!

They are being fed every weekend with worm tea, as well as a monthly feed of a stronger commercial fertiliser. The leaves are dying off so I don't know if these bushes are meant to die after the harvest.

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