Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vintage Embroidered Linen Doilies

As promised, here are two more embroidered linen doilies made by mum. These are designs and colours she chose to make after she was married in 1969, before I was born in 1971. She says she did them because after she was married, dad didn't want her to work so she was bored and wanted something to do! But don't worry, my mum chose to go back to work when the kids started school.
a gorgeous blue embroidered linen doily with crochet edging made by my mum between 1969 and 1971
These are simply gorgeous and obviously made by a master. My eyes hurt just thinking about trying something like this. These are so very special, I hope you like seeing these photos, but I do apologies for the state they are in. One day when I get the chance, I will wash and press these and take fresh photos for you to enjoy. They are currently tucked away in a safe place in my mother's hoarded stash.
a stunning crochet edged linen doily with pink and purple flowers made by my mum between 1969 and 1971

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