Monday, September 24, 2012

Recycled Magnet Puzzle

I've been saving these magnets to make a puzzle for Thomas to play on the fridge. I didn't buy any of these magnets, they were free.
puzzle made from recycled magnets
I simply printed up 4 pictures of the first eight words Thomas can now say. They were up, dada, mama, baba, cheese, milk, banana and apple. For now, he points to the pictures and says the words. When the time comes I can cut off the words to make two magnets that can be matched together for a puzzle game.
recycled magnets found in junk mail
These magnets are on our fridge, I'm not sure how they will last because I simply glued the printed pictures on with craft glue. To make a durable game I will need to laminate them, but I don't own a laminater. Maybe I should get one?

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