Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Sweater for Scout

I made this sweater by joining 4 small granny squares, for a toy called 'Scout'. I made it up quickly so my son could take him to bed with him as a comfort toy.
a sweater for Scout, made of 4 small granny squares
This toy is perfect for Thomas to take to bed because it sings him songs to go to sleep, and you can programme them to say your child's name/ I would never spend this much on a toy like this though, so its a special gift from Aunt Debbie to enjoy.
back detail of 4 granny square sweater
I simply did 4 granny squares, each have four rounds. Because the toy is short and stout, it had to be a short, wide sweater. Two pairs of squares were joined with invisible stitch down the sides, then the pairs were joined at the corners to form arm holes. Lastly, I did 6 rounds of sc to form a turtle neck. I quickly chose colours from my acrylic stash that matched the toy. Now my son can grab the short of the toy to comfort him at night.

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