Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My First Pattern Is For Sale!

I have just managed to work out how to add a PDF pattern to Ravelry. I decided to put my frangipani flower pattern there, because my friend Hazel and her friend both tested the pattern and said it was ok. I only have the pattern listed for $1.35, because it is my first pattern after all! (I did put it up 50 cents, and there was a 35c fee!) The flower has just 3 rounds so I certainly didn't want to ask for much, this is really just so I can learn how the system works. I wonder if I have to pay American tax? I don't have to pay Australian tax because I don't earn anywhere near enough!
the pattern for these frangipani flowers is for sale for just $1.35 from Ravelry

white and yellow frangipani flower

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