Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What Needs Pruning?

I made this quote while thinking of my mother-in-law Freya and a dilemma she is having. I drew the picture years ago, its a chalk pastel, it stands for "love".
what needs pruning?
This is about the hard times I've been through, times that forced me to make some really tough decisions when I had no other choice but to change. I was unhappy and tired of hearing myself complain about the way things were, I knew I was the only person that could fix and change my life. Change is never easy, but sometimes that aching tooth just needs to be pulled! Or that tree needs to be pruned! Whichever way you look at it, sometimes our lives are so full, its like a dinner plate with way too much food on it. You need to scrap some off to see what you have left and find out what you really, really want to keep, when forced to make the toughest of decisions. Picture and words by me! (lol)

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