Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Study in Strawberries

I'm trying to decide if I should destroy my current potted strawberry patch and start with a new selection of disease free seedlings. Being Autumn in sub-tropical Brisbane, now is the time to plant, so I need to decide now.
most of the leaves on my strawberries look healthy like these
I'm motivated to persist with trying to grow strawberries because my 2 year old son loves them so much! When he visits his Pa in Stanthorpe, he can eat them straight from the garden which is the best education I think we can provide him. Last week when we visited the local fruit shop, my son spied the strawberry punnets and asked and asked for them until we got him one for an expensive $6! Then for the next two days he asked for them until they were all gone. I only tried one to taste, he ate the whole punnet himself!
these sad specimens are the best my strawberries get
My strawberry plants are descendants of a plant given to us by David's mother about 4 years ago. Most of the leaves look healthy, but a few have rusty coloured spots on them. There is fruit, but they range from pea-sized to thumbnail sized, so are way too small. From what I can figure, they might have a virus, although I can't work out which one.
a few leaves have rusty spots, is this a strawberry virus?
In any case, these runners won't be going into the new 1m by 1m raised bed we are starting, just in case they are sick and they spread the disease. I'm going to give this strawberry growing thing my best shot!

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