Wednesday, January 13, 2010

That Time of Year

Its that time of year to take down the Christmas decorations, if you're the kind of person to go to the trouble. My efforts in this department are a mere token gesture, for me its to acknowledge the significance of this event on our culture. Celebrating seasons and the passage of time is important. We mark our lives with significant occasions, rejoicing in the fact that somehow we are here, alive and on this planet (by miracle or coincidence, or a combination of both). If we did not celebrate significant occasions, our lives would be merely a string of days strung together with no memorable markers to divide the time. To look backwards and remember significant occasions is important to give your life meaning. That's what I think, anyway!

I like our little Christmas tree. We picked it up from the local newsagent. It's a very practical tree for us. Its small, and packs down flat into a handy box. As renters, we need to be practical about the trivial things in life! My Christmas decorations are minimal and easy to manage. You won't catch me stringing up garlands of tinsel and rows of dangly balls and stars! I certainly wouldn't bother with Christmas lights, those things simply BEG to break. And there you are with all this broken crap, what then to do with it? Best not to bother, imho. I think the Santa I blue tac to my kitchen buffet might have been recycled from a Christmas cake several years ago. I stick him up if the thought occurs to me. The festive dangling penguin was the gift tag from the bottle of wine my sister gave us, and I thought he looked particularly cheery, so hung him up to give Santa company.

Now is also the time to think about goals for the future year. Taking that moment to contemplate things you would like to accomplish and making resolutions to address them, is important. Otherwise, our lives would simply be a string of days strung together. Oh, I already said that? It's worth repeating. If you don't pause to make a goal you can aim to achieve, when you look back you may think you have accomplished nothing. And the feeling of having accomplished nothing is something to avoid. Even if you have very simple, achievable goals, it's worth having them.

My New Years Resolutions
1. Use up all the wool/cloth etc.
2. Get all my poems onto the website.
3. Level all classes in WoW to 80.
4. Organise the house better so it's easier to move by December.

My major goals for 2010
1. Enjoy activities away from the computer, eg. homemaking, gardening, etc
2. Enjoy activities away from World of Warcraft, eg. blogging, Sims3
3. Enjoy a different role within WoW, eg. leveller, raider
4. Of course, the obilgatory "get fit" goal /sigh (I need to loose 7cm from my waist!)
5. And most importantly, enjoy continuing to maintain current relationships :)

I'd like to use up as much wool, cloth, ribbons, buttons, etc, that I already have here before I buy any new materials from the craft store.
I'd like to make practical things that I can use in the home and that I might have otherwise bought if I didn't make it myself.
Before buying something, I'd like to try and ask myself first, could I make this myself?
I'd like to try the glass fusing kit.
I'd like to start work on making gifts to give next Christmas.

I'd like to continue exploring things we can successfully grow in pots here, and how we can use them in the kitchen.

I'd like to try and make a blog entry at least once a day.
I'd like to add a little more at the poetry site at least once a day.

I'd like to only play Sims3 a limited amount, exploring higher levels of free will in characters.

World of Warcraft
Until expansion, I want my contribution to the running of the guild to continue to be limited, to encourage others to do it as much as possible.
After expansion, I might want to start helping run the guild more again, I might not!
I want to level at least my druid to 80, currently 76, before the Chinese New Year Festival in February.
I want to continue raiding end-game, preferrably on my hunter.
Before expansion, I would like to try and level to 80 my warrior (74), rogue (70), death knight (62) and shaman (45).

It might seem like I have a lot of goals for 2010, but I don't think its too much for me because these are also instead of goals I might have achieved in the workplace.

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