Thursday, August 23, 2012

Best 2nd Anniversary Present Ever

I am sooo excited about this present David has given me early for our 2nd wedding anniversary! The traditional gift to give for the 2nd wedding anniversary is cotton, and last night I was talking about how I needed some cotton seeds that I could grow organically.
the best present ever arrived in the mail and cost less than $5
David got a weird look on his face, went to the car to get a package he had to sign for from the post office that afternoon. He decided he should give me it early in case I started looking for seeds myself! These Upland cotton seeds are the most thoughtful present I could get from my husband! I was so impressed tears came to my eyes and my skin got goose pimples! And, it only cost $3.50. I'm easy pleased, aren't I?
fluffy Upland cotton seeds I will try and grow organically in pots
I can't wait to plant these, we will do more research but it sounds like we could have a crop in 6 months, even if we plant them into pots! The reason I was thinking about growing cotton is because we are reconsidering our decision to be renters. Our rent is going up in the new year, and there are some very cheap houses for sale near where his factory is moving to, so hopefully there will be more to say on this in the next few months. We shall see ...

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