Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pink Princess Crown Headband

I was going to make my cousin's daughter a headband for her 1st birthday, but decided this Princess crown would be more appropriate. She's not the only one year old Isabella Rose that I know, its a very popular combination of first and middle name! This one is made with lotus pink luxury 8 ply Australian wool from Bendigo in Victoria, and a 4mm hook.
Princess Crown Headband
I was inspired by a photo of a crochet crown on pinterest. This was really easy to make, the most difficult part was deciding on a width that was most likely to fit a 1 year old. I finally decided it should 8.5 inches, so that's 17 inches circumference. Plus an extra inch for stretch means the head should measure around 18 inches, I hope that's right! If not, I'll just make another one!

this is how the headband looks when worn, with the pointed crown sitting up like a tiara
This was really easy. The beginning chain needs to be a multiple of 3. I did 2 rounds of sc, then a round of (dc 1 ch dc) sk 2. The last round has sc for 10 clusters, and 12 clusters have points into them. There are 22 clusters in total around the entire headband. The 12 points are (2 hdc 1 ch 2 hdc) twice, (2 dc 1 ch 2 dc) 8 times, (2 hdc 1 ch 2 hdc) twice. Simple!

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