Thursday, August 16, 2012

The best way to join yarns

It's satisfying to learn new techniques that help me improve my work. Knotting a new yarn onto the next produces a bump and ends in the work which can be unsightly. I just learnt a new way to join natural fibres, called the felted join.
here is my first felted join, perfect for working with natural fibres like this grey wool mohair blend
I had an opportunity to make a felted join right away (instructions are at Lion Brand), while working with this lovely grey mohair wool blend which I bought last week on special at Lincraft. Another join I learnt a little while ago was the Russian join. I liked that so much, I was using it all the time, but now I will only use it  when working with acrylic yarns that don't felt. My work just improved a little bit more, Yay!

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