Monday, August 20, 2012

My Grandmother's Tape Measure

This will seem like a very mundane thing, but since my mother gave me my grandmother's old tape measure, I've been really enjoying how much more sensible this tool is made compared to others.
my grandmother's tape measure has both centimetres and inches going in the same direction
This one not only has inches as well as centimetres, but it has both going the same way. Nothing else in my house does this, not even my tool shed tape measure. One ruler I have which is my favourite because it also is transparent, that has inches, but they go in opposite directions. If I want to know inches I have to turn the ruler around. My grandmother's tape measure is the best because straight away I can see the conversion to inches.

Is this a case of "simple things amuse simple minds"? Well no, I just like things that are made properly and do the job you need them to do. I wish more things were like my grandmother's tape measure ...

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