Monday, October 7, 2013

Cheerios and Pipecleaners

This is just another easy activity which I've done with Thomas a few weeks ago, threading cheerios onto pipe cleaners. I had tried threading cheerios onto string with him to make necklaces, but that failed dismally! He was unable to hold the string while threading on a cheerio. That's why the pipe cleaners are easier, because he can thread it on he doesn't have to hold the pipe cleaner end. This is another idea I found on Pinterest, there are so many ideas on there to be found, but I prefer activities that are easy to throw together with what I already have here and are not too messy. This is a perfect little activity to fill a few spare minutes.
threading cheerios onto pipe cleaners is easier for a toddler than trying to thread it onto string
an easy no mess activity for a nearly 3 year old

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