Sunday, October 6, 2013

Frozen Dinosaurs

Now the weather has warmed up, this activity has proven to be a popular one with Thomas who is nearly 3 years old. We've done this activity 3 times now, with different coloured water each time. Last time I just tipped the whole collection of dinosaurs into the water to freeze, instead of just the 4 I started with. I simply filled a 2 litre ice-cream container with water, some food colouring and the dinosaurs, leaving it in the freezer for at least a day to freeze. This is a very simple activity, Thomas choosing to just play with the ice or playing with other toys while it melts. But I want to document each special activity I do with him, so the days don't run into each other meaninglessly. I've been having trouble with depression lately, and blogging about the worthwhile activities I do with my son really helps. I found this idea on Pinterest where there are heaps of ideas to do with toddlers.
plastic toy dinosaurs frozen in 2 litres of coloured ice

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