Thursday, October 10, 2013

Colour Sorting Puzzle

This toddler activity is similar to some you can find on pinterest, this one turned out to be perfect for my son who is nearly 3 years old. I've been finding it very challenging to do most of the activities you can find on the net by the mommy bloggers, but this one wasn't too hard for me. I used an egg carton and found 12 differently coloured pieces of duplo from my son's lego box. They only just fit! Then I found matching coloured pencils from an old collection I've kept from years ago, and using the pencils coloured tiny pieces of white paper and stuck them into the egg carton with craft glue. When I showed the sorting game to my son he loved it, and wanted to do it twice over right away. I'll have to think of other sorting games I can do with him using this set up, its just right for him!
colour sorting game made from lego and an old egg carton
this puzzle was easy to make at home

Thomas playing with the sorting puzzle
this activity is perfect for a nearly 3 year old
he closed it and shook up the pieces to start again

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