Monday, October 14, 2013

Pasta and a Box

I found this simple activity at One Perfect Day, it was something I could quickly whip up while we were waiting the last 10 minutes for daddy to come home from work. I just poked some holes with a pair of scissors into a biscuit box I found in my pantry, and used some macaroni pasta. Thomas enjoyed this activity, being occupied with it for 10 minutes and then going back to it again later to show daddy. Sometimes after he pushed some pasta through he then picked up the box and shook it to hear the sound of the macaroni rattling around inside. Pushing the macaroni pasta through the holes is an excellent fine motor activity for a 2 year old like my son.
pushing macaroni paste through holes poked into a biscuit box
this is an excellent fine motor activity that keeps a toddler busy for 10 minutes

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