Friday, October 25, 2013

Rescuing an Old Rose Bush

I wish I'd taken a photo of this old rose bush when we moved in 6 months ago, then you would really see just how much its perked up. It used to be just a stick in the ground with about a dozen leaves on it! This is by our front letterbox, and looks to be a very old rose with a gnarled base and trunk. Someone has pruned it as roses require that, but that was before we moved in.
a flush of new growth on our old rose bush has given it a new lease on life
Since moving in, I've been applying blood and bone every 2 months, then replacing a layer of mulch. Last application I also added some premium potting mix to the blood and bone. Last weekend we put an extra layer of sugar cane mulch. Its been very dry here for the last 2 months so a few weeks ago I started watering it every day. This is obviously just what it needed because this week there is a flush of new growth, much more than what was there last autumn. I wonder if we'll get a flower this year, or if we have to wait until next year? Although its still spring here at the moment, its so hot it feels like summer already!
the old rose bush has perked up after applications of blood and bone every couple of months and daily watering

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